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To make a reservation please call

(905) 337-0080 or visit the reservation page >>

Mon to Thur    4pm - 10pm

Fri-Sat               12pm - 11pm

Sunday             4pm - 10pm



312 Lakeshore Road E

Oakville, ON, L6J 1J2


Verace Authentic Neapolitan Pizza & Italian Restaurant

Not only is our custom-built brick wood burning oven guaranteeing every pizza to come out mouth-watering, but our homemade pasta prepared for you by the owner and the skilled chef of twenty years is bound to leave you unable to put down your utensils until every bite is finished.

But why take our word for it? We invite you to test this for yourself and join us for lunch or dinner at Verace Pizza.


The term “pizza” first appeared in Latin text dating from 997 AD. A dish of the poor people sold in the streets of Medieval Naples, pizza was not considered a kitchen recipe until the 18th century. Legend has it that King Ferdinand of Naples and the Two Sicilies disguised himself as a commoner and visited a poor neighbourhood in Naples “to sink his teeth into a food that the Queen had banned from the royal court”.

What makes authentic Neapolitan pizza so special?
Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is a thing of beauty designed to delight with every bite. Like an insatiable desire to rip it to pieces in a fit of passion you won’t stop until you’ve devoured it.

Its ingredients consist of a palette of delirious flavours. The tart like tinge of the San Marzano tomatoes add a sweet quality to the soft, blistered, flame-licked bed of dough. It is then topped with any and all of your chosen delights to create a work of art for your consumption.

We are proud to serve the best pizza in Oakville.

Buon Appetito!

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