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Neapolitan Pizza

Traits of a Neapolitan Pizza

Have you ever had a variety of different types of pizza in Toronto, ON, Canada? Have you ever ever heard of a Neapolitan pizza? If you have not had a Neapolitan pizza in the past, you may want to pay attention to. This is a type of pizza that is popular in the Toronto area and abroad. When you are trying to find a new type of pizza, something that will inspire your taste buds, this is it.


This is a Naples style pizza made with both mozzarella, cheese, as well as tomatoes. The dough itself is also simple, consisting of wheat flour as well as Neopolitan yeast. The type of pizza is unique, yet simple in its design. It is all about preparing it with fresh ingredients from start to finish to bring out the great natural flavors.

Authentic Italian Pizzeria

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